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This is Akbar Khoddami, an academic staff, associate Professor, from Isfahan University of Technology where I have been working for more than 25 years. During this time, I was teaching some courses and supervised many BSc, MSc and PhD projects for knowledge transfer to the next generation and sharing passion for innovation. Some of my professional experience and positions includes:

  • Head of Iran Textile Association of Science and Technology, (Sep. 2016– Aug. 2020);
  • Postgraduate Tutor: Department of Textile Engineering (Feb. 2017- Sep. 2019).
  • Deputy in Research and Technology Affairs: Department of Textile Engineering (Nov. 2013- Feb. 2017).
  • Deputy in Industrial Affairs: Department of Textile Engineering (1998-2003).


I received my PhD from the University of Manchester, England, 2004 – 2007, on plasma coating of surface modified textiles and polymer substrates. A part of my PhD project was a mutual project with P2i, Oxford, UK. One of its achievement was, publishing two patents:

Carr, C., Khoddami, A. and Coulson, S., US Patent 20,130,117,978, 2013, 2011.

Carr, C., Khoddami, A. and Coulson, S., WO Patent 2,011,064,562, 2011.

 I have been working in this research filed so that I have received awards for developing plasma in textile industry.

I introduced a novel method of textile treatments by atmospheric plasma at industrial scale by which a novel dry process could be appropriate replacement for conventional hazardous wet chemical treatments. Afterward, working on new atmospheric plasma system which is multipurpose for textiles and polymers. This innovative system present new flexible surface modification process for large scale manufacturing.

Additionally, I have been working on replacement of wet treatments with dry treatments with low or zero effluent, textiles and polymers surface modification, application of low temperature plasma in textile, application of nanotechnology in textile, and cosmetic textiles. From these, I have received Award for standing among top researchers, 2010 and 2012. I was also awarded for The Best Business Plan of The 7th Sheikh Bahai Technopreneurship Festival, 2011.

I firmly believe in Fourth generation of the universities, therefore I have been transferring knowledge to industries for years to introduce advanced products and methods while my research results being published in high ranked journals. In this case, I received Award for “Technological and commercialization achievements” of “From Science to Production” Festival & Exhibition, 2012, for manufacturing intelligent Thermal Adaptable Substrates by which saving energy is not only achievement.

Additionally, due to having good PhD students and strong research team with good relation with R&D section of industries, I succeeded in large scale manufacturing of new “Rechargeable Slimming- Anticellulite Compressional Garment with Micromasage”. This achievement was broadcasted on national television.

Furthermore, I pursue working on health and well-being products to offer anti-againg and anti-wrinkle products, aromatherapy products and introducing functional goods with a wide range of properties.

It is also noteworthy that I have published more than 60 international paper in high ranked journals, 15 papers in international conference 13 papers in national conference.


Akbar Khoddami

Associate Professor (Textile Chemistry, Finishing and Surface Modification)

Department of Textile Engineering,

Isfahan University of Technology

Isfahan, 84156-8311, Iran

Phone: ++ 98 313391 24 25

Fax:     ++ 98 313 391 24 44

Cell/WhatsApp/telegram: 0098-9134137421



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